Sep 16, 2014

Little Things....

The first impression is the truth, and all 
that follows is merely the excuse of memory....

Sometimes it is the littlest of things that make a big impact on us. Sometimes it is
 what  we take for granted.  I guess if you are not used to it it does impact you. Case
 in point yesterday Arvid met with the boyfriend of one of our friends' daughter.  

The "boy" came to our place to pick up some keys. We have every one's keys with us.
 After the meeting Arvid came back upstairs and he seemed very amazed or more like lost
 in thought. I of course asked what's up?  Arvid tells me everything, so he looks at me and says,
 "he is a very nice boy.  I am so surprised at how polite and how nice he is."  I have been raised in 
a very nice and polite family so for me it is the rule that people should be the same .  Wrong.

We talked some more mainly about this "boy" and Arvid kept saying how much he liked him. 
This was only their first meeting so I guess he left quite an impression.  A pleasant one.
I thought it ended there, but this morning as we were having breakfast, he suddenly said, 
"you know that boy is so nice."  Then he said he does not mind helping him out
 because when someone is as nice and polite it makes it easier to want to
 help them out.  As I said this young man left an impression on Arvid. 

Our Monday was different.  We had many little things to do combined with showing
 our apartment for rent.  Some of our errands took us by the beach to our 
friends' apartment.  Always a beautiful sight as you can see.

No matter what the job is, Arvid is always smiling and we are always enjoying ourselves.
Monday was one of those days.  We did a variety of things and though not typical we 
sure had a lot of fun.  I always enjoy taking pictures of Arvid in action, even when 
he is yelling at me to stop that nonsense and get back to work.

Work or play we have a lot of fun together.  Must be because we always do it as a team. 
 Neither of us is afraid to get our hands dirty, and yesterday we sure got dirty, 
but that's why we have soap and water.  We do any and everything.  
Arvid just has to do something and of course that means me as well.

It was a very good day, we worked, we laughed and had 
lots of fun in between.  Simple things.

Good morning everyone.  It is the start of another good day. 
Wishing the same for all of you, and never forget that 
the most  simple things can bring the most happiness.

~Greetings from Fort Lauderdale, Florida~

Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly 
ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily...