Sep 29, 2014

Sunset Catch...Review

Try something different today,
you might find it oddly satisfying...

One of the many things we enjoy here in Fort Lauderdale is the many choices 
of restaurants to choose from.  Arvid and I are the kind that when we find 
something we like we hardly detour from it.  Today for our Sunday meal 
we decided to try something new in the restaurant scene.

The restaurant is perched above the Marina at Sands Harbor in Pompano Beach.
Sunset Catch offers great fresh seafood, authentic Italian specialties, and succulent chops,
 dine as you enjoy the panoramic views of Florida’s magnificent Intracoastal Waterways. 

Before going to the restaurant, we read the reviews.  It had very good ones which 
made  us even more eager to try it out.  Best thing also is that we 
enjoy watching the boats pass  by as we eat.

The most amazing feature as far as I was concerned was the sunset.  AMAZING!!!

As far as we are concerned this was not one of our favorites.  The appetizers were good, but we
 were not that crazy about the main course.  My Bellini was super good and the views 
were awesome.  Most likely we will not be going back there in the very near future.

But for all of you I will say, don't be afraid of change.  You may lose 
something good, but you may gain something better.

Wishing you all a good day and may the new week bring prosperity
 and new filled hope for all of us.

Never be afraid to try something new.
Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic....