Sep 23, 2014

Wet Tuesday Calling...

Kindness is the sunshine of social life...

Taking Brutus to the vet today.  General check up and unfortunately swelling once again
 to his paw.  As I mentioned before, he has been biting quite a lot on it and as usual I 
am very worried because the "toe" is purple and very puffy/swollen.

Brutus seems to know that something is going on because since he woke up he has been on 
the alert.  He expects something to happen, just does not know what as yet.  We never 
take out his carrier until the very last moment.  Anyway that being said hope 
all works out good and soon he is back to feeling better.

Yesterday evening I got my weekly update on Kairi, my virtually adopted kitty. 
 I really love reading about her and her brave existence so far.  She is something 
else and I really hope to meet her one day.

Below is my Kairi update for the week: 

After Kairi's initial rescue mission, we placed her and her brother into our master 
bathroom to share along with our socializer bunny named Zeus. We use Zeus 
to socialize all new kitties into our household, as he keeps them company
 and shows them the do's and the don'ts, he shares his bed with them, 
he even helps litter train them (he's a very clean bunny lol.) 

Over the course of about 2 weeks we knew that Kairi's eye was beyond saving, it looked 
ike it had become infected from an upper respitory infection, which both of them 
were suffering from. So plans were made for both of them to go into surgery 
together, Rikku was there to support his sister every step of the way. 
Once she was finally under and prepped for surgery, he to
 was put under, and both were spayed and neutered, but Kairi...
well she also had to have her badly damaged eye removed. 

The two were never far apart from each other, as they awoke from
 their surgeries together. Rikku comforted his sister every step.

 Even in the animal kingdom sibling love is a special thing.  Siblings defend
and protect each other against all obstacles.  Another busy day awaits us.  Today though our
 main concern is Brutus and him feeling better.  We really don't like to travel knowing
 he is hurting.  He had his meds this morning and is now pacing around not
 knowing what is going on,mouth knowing something is coming. 
 He's not sure if to hide or just hang around.

For now time to start breakfast and get going.  Lot of things to do.
It's already looking very dark here and most likely it will be another wet day.

Good morning everyone.  If you are like us getting caught in the rain,
make sure your umbrella is handy.  Don't be like me, who has an umbrella, but it
is usually nice and dry somewhere tucked away.  Somewhere when I need it I just cant find it.

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain..