Sep 11, 2014

Mr. Busy...

Being busy is better than being bored. Bored left a long time ago.
 Busy is always around for me...

I always knew Arvid was one of those people who can never stay still;  heck I'm the same, 
but it seems as if he has gotten even more restless during the time I was away. He just can't 
seem to sit still for a single minute.   Me saying this is weird because I am the same, 
but some how he seems even more  restless than normal.  OK with me.

Even Brutus is busy trying to catch is toy mouse.  In between 
we always take a break and watch the neighbors do water aerobics.
Never a dull moment.  Busy but never boring.

I came home midnight Monday, with a bad cold or as the doctor believes bad allergies. 
 Coughing and wheezing, let's just say very tired.  Already Tuesday morning 
Arvid was ready for us to run around.  For a change I had to decline.

Combined with the hot weather, the fluctuations of my body still adjusting
to my Thyroid medicine and the fact that what the doctor calls an allergy,
I still don't feel so very good.  Tow doctors appointments by the 
end of the month should hopefully give me answers.

Yesterday we did go for a walk in the late afternoon.  Felt actually really
good even if I was coughing quite a bit.  Exercise no matter what is always good.

That we walk through a pretty neighborhood also makes the walk more enjoyable.

Thursday already the week is just flying by.
Arvid is still in his "I missed you so much mood"   I hear him telling Brutus
how good it is that mama is back home.  Said it was very very quiet without me.

All is good here at home.  Few issues like everyone else, but then life is not perfect.
We get out of it whatever it is we decide to put into it.  Me I give it my all.   I'm happy.

Greetings from Fort Lauderdale.  Brutus watching as the people disperse
from the pool area.  Water exercises all done for today.
Be happy and remember, life is made up of surprises.

Said Arvid to me:

I keep myself busy with things to do,
but every time I pause I still thing of you...