Sep 2, 2014

How It Is...

Quality, quality, quality: never waver from it, even when you don't see how

you can afford to keep it up.  When you compromise,
you become a commodity and then you die...

It was with great expectations that Arvid and I went to Orlando over the weekend.
It was also the last time we will go to Orlando.  At least this is what we told ourselves.

The thing is we always have a good time, but there is good and not so good.
We went to quite a few places in this short trip.  As always we enjoyed it,
but there were many things that made this trip to Orlando not enjoyable.

It was hot as hell and even with air conditioner, the heat was unbearable.
All I could think of was I do not wish to spend another summer in Florida.  All of a
 sudden Norway was starting to look good again, especially not that they have cooler weather.

No theme parks for us in this heat.  We did the outlets.  Was fun.  Arvid found some 
T-shirts and of course he had to buy in bulk.  Claims he now does not have to shop for a while.

Every so often we had to stop have a pit stop and cool off.  One of our favorite was
Bahama Breeze.  Island music, good food, good drinks and a dessert that even 
Arvid approved of.  First time he ate more than I did of the dessert.  
As for me I enjoyed a few Bahamaritas.  A first for me.

We had rain the first day.  Pretty much ruined all our plans, but once we found
the Bahama Breeze restaurant we were all set for the night.  Can wait 
to try another of those delicious Bahamaritas... YUMMY!!!

The very best part of the trip was getting into our car and going home.  
We can't get out fast enough as is.  Home best place on earth.

Tuesday morning and already looking good!

Good morning to all and greetings from Fort Lauderdale.
Remember to always live content with what you have,
 and to tap into the the positive energy that exists in life.

No one ever finds life worth living - one has to make it worth living...