Sep 23, 2014

Start Of 10 Rough Days...

Some days you tame the tiger. 
And some days the tiger has you for lunch...

Going to the vet is always a traumatic event.  Not sure for who more, Brutus, myself or
Arvid.  Yesterday's visit started out fairly easy.  Brutus was asleep underdog the covers,
 I grabbed him, put him in his carrier and off we went.  Not even a meow came out of him.

Arvid cancelled his appointment to go with us to the vet.  Was happy for that.
Arvid always carries Brutus and always tells him in a comforting tone
that all is going to be OK.  We both do so Brutus is less stressed.

Of course even at the vet the waiting is "normal."  Our 12:00 appointment became 
closer to a 1:00 appointment.  Nothing we can do about this.  Brutus who is normally a 
very calm and docile little kitty becomes ferocious at the vet hissing at everyone who 
comes close to him. His nose gets pinker by the minute when he's all scared
 and his entire body shakes.  Poor thing is always so afraid of the vet.

He had his regular checkup but because he has an active infection going on, he could
 not be vaccinated.  Doctor said it was not recommended, as for the swelling
 to the paw the doctor prescribed him yet another pill.  This one huge.
Now we have to give him this one 2 times a day; in addition to his 
regular pill.  Not going to be an easy time ahead of us, but
has to be done so it will be done.

Because of the swelling in his paw, the doctor thought it would be a good idea
to gently poke it and have it drain out on its own.  Well the thing is the did poke it;
now it looks really swollen and very painful.  Unfortunately the infection is spread out
so with just one poking not much was accomplished.  Brutus came home and first thing he did
was rip off the bandage that he had on.  Then it was time to eat foodies, use the little and nap.

When Brutus is happy so are we.  The next 10 days will be very challenging with this new
pill.  Yesterday evening was my first attempt to give it to him.  Let's just say id did not go
well at all.  What usually takes less than a minute with his"old" pill took me half hour.
Very traumatic for all of us, but I have to do it for his own good.

This morning it took me a good 40 minutes to give him his pill.  He takes one tablet
 a day twice a day.  The pill is so big so each day day he takes 8 pieces. Every
piece is a struggle.  He spits it out all the time so I have to keep on trying.
  He seems to thiink I am punishing him, but it's for his best even
 it it pains me to do it.  Arvid nowhere while I do this.
This goes on for 10 days.  Two times a day.

Good morning everyone.  My morning is not starting out that great, but at least
Brutus has had his first dosage of the day.  Was a struggle, but I managed.
 That alone makes it a good day already.

Hopefully his second dosage goes down better.  Rainy day  today, apartment showing
and dinner with friends tonight.  Kaluz here we come.

We all have life storms, and when we get the rough times and we recover from them,
we should celebrate that we got through it. No matter how bad it may seem, 
there's always something beautiful that you can find....