Apr 21, 2019

Easter 2019 ~

I've been through so much. I just live each day, 
and whatever happens, happens. I've lived a 
very good life. My life has definitely changed,
 but the attitude is still the same...

From our home to yours Happy Easter.
Life is good when we think it's good.
 Life is bad when we don't think.

It has been a beautiful weekend.  Yesterday we did a little
 "exploring" on Las Olas.  Was a delicious experience.
  One we will repeat soon.Life is a journey, not 
a destination.  You hold the key to happiness.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day today and everyday.
Your peace is more important than driving yourself 
crazy trying to understand why something
 happened the way it did.  Let it go. 

Sometimes you got to accept that certain things
 will never go back to how they used to be...