Apr 25, 2019

Life Is Good ~

I enjoy life when things are happening.  I don't care if it's 
good things or bad things.  That means you are alive...

Having had the day all to myself, and not having
 to worry about what Arvid wants or needs, I took the
 time and did a few things that I enjoy. 

 Started the morning with a walk along the beach.  Was a 
gorgeous morning and the temperature was perfect.

I parked the car and just walked around for a while.
 It is always relaxing and calming to just listen to the 
ocean waves and feel the salty air through your hair.  

I also did a little shopping.  Somehow shopping
 always makes me feel good and always happy does
 not matter if I buy something or not.  Lucky me, I found 
something pretty and got it. Sniff likes it as well.

For lunch I went to another of my favorite Indian restaurants. 
 The food is always good.  I have not been to an Indian 
restaurant as yet where the food is bad.  Happy for that.

Living in Florida, no matter where you go chances
 are you will come across an Iguana.  I did.

To all a happy what's left of Thursday.  Focus on the good.