Apr 30, 2019

Sisters ~

A sister shares childhood memories and grownup dreams...

My sister Nirvana will soon be visiting Florida.  She
 practically is here every month since J her son now 
lives in Miami.  I could not be any happier. 

 Now I get to see her a lot, and of course whenever 
she's here we always get together all of us and do
 something fun. So happy and excited.

 Usually Arvid and I will meet them for lunch
 somewhere in Miami, and of course we will try to 
see if they can come to us for dinner.  Time is always 
short so am happy with whatever time we get
 to spend with her. Can't wait to see her.

A perfect sister I am not, but very thankful for the
 ones I've got.  Life blessed me with 4 sisters.  Through
 thick and thin we are each others best friends.

Of course we are already making plans.  
Both Arvid and I are excited. Everyone loves Arvid, 
and I am happy that he also gets along very well with my
family.  My family is simple and real.  Not pretentious at all. 
Makes it easy for all of us to have a great time  together.

What you see is what you get.  No hidden agendas.
The best of times are always those spent with loved ones.

We had good times with Arvid's family not so
 long ago as well.  Lots of good memories made as well.

Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship
 withing the family, but once the sisters are grown, 
it becomes the strongest relationship...