Apr 22, 2019

Hello Monday ~

Be your excellent self today by creating a 
beautiful mosaic from yesterdays' broken pieces...

The weekend was really good.  Best of all we had
 "cooler" temperatures.  Heavenly.  With the cooler temperatures 
we decided to take the water taxi for a little tour along the
  Intracoastal and at the same time hop off and have lunch.

The water taxi ride was about 2 hours one way. 
 After lunch we walked around our old neighborhood,
 and we listened to some music.  Albert Castiglia was
 playing, and both Arvid and I like him very much.

Everyone knows Florida is beautiful.  Sometimes even I 
have taken it for granted because we live here all the time,
 but being in Branson for almost 2 years was a little reminder.

The boat above is named Not Enough.  If that's 
not enough I wonder what is.  Cruising along the Intracoastal
 waterways was relaxing and just calming.  I forgot how
 many huge boat exists in these waterways.

Monday again.  New week.  Just a month and 
some before we go to Chicago.  Then for us it's officially
 summer.  After that is the usual Norway trip.  
Then you know it's summertime for us.

To all a great week ahead.

Being negative only makes the journey more difficult.  
You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it...