Apr 12, 2019

What A Week ~

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful...

It all started with our neighbor leaving a note and a menu
 on our door during the night.  I woke up and when I
 saw the menu, of course that was all I could think of. 

 I love Indian food. Goes without saying.  I am Indian 
after all, and it's the flavor I was raised with.  Our Indian 
food has a West Indian kick.  The best food in the world
 as far as I am concerned is Indian and Latin.  The
 two foods we were fortunate to be raised with. 

After a lot of coercing, I convinced Arvid to go 
with me. I told him, "you either come or I go on my own." 
 He decided to accompany me.  I will not say it's his 
favorite food, but he did not complain too much.  Even
 so, next time I think I will go with our neighbor.

The food was delicious, but to be honest just 
about all of the Indian restaurants I have been
to the food has always been super delicious. 

This week went by very fast.  I competed my jury duty,
 and really hope not have to do it again any time too soon.
It was boring to sit there and wait for them to call you.  

I am not patient at all.  Before going my mom and Arvid
both "warned" me to not get too aggressive with anyone.

My mom thinks I have a short fuse when it 
comes to tolerating nonsense and she's right.  Arvid 
thinks I always have to speak my mind and he's right.

  I guess they figure with those two qualities I am
 bound to get into some sort of altercation with someone. 
Even though I did express my opinions, all was good.

Serving in a jury is just part of being an American
 citizen, that together with the right to vote.  I know 
if I am called again I will do the right thing.  No I 
did not mean ignoring the summons or did I? 

This week I tried something very delicious.  
It's called a Strawberry Moscow Mule. I have to 
say it was pretty delicious.  Looking forward 
to today and to trying something new as well.

To all a great start of the weekend.  Remember 
you can't control where you come from, but you
 can always control where you are going.

One day you will look back and realize that you
 worried too much about things that don't really matter...