Apr 15, 2019

New Week ~

Never underestimate the importance of having fun...

Even sitting out on the balcony has it's moments.  
Always something going on.  I am always ready 
with the camera.  You never know when
 something interesting will happen. 

 For us just about everything is interesting.  Keeps us
 entertained and happy.  Arvid thinks he's back in 
Mexico every time he sits out on the balcony. 

 To this day, his favorite vacations have been those 
days we spent in our condo in Mexico.  As he says, 
"now we have Mexico in our own backyard." 

Monday begins with rain and more rain.  I like the rain.
  I love taking pictures of the raindrops as they fall
 on the windshield of the car.  Of course not while
driving, but parked.  Safety is always first.

Rain or no rain it's a beautiful day here.  Got my workout in,
 and most likely a walk later this afternoon with Arvid.

Yesterday we had a nice outing on Las Olas.  We took
the boat to and back home.  Pretty relaxing and enjoyable.
 We keep saying we will discover our own backyard,
who knows maybe we will. Happy Monday all.

You don't stop having fun when you get old,
 you get old when you stop having fun...