Apr 28, 2019

Sunday Vibes ~

Stop focusing on what you have to lose and
 start focusing on what you have to gain...

Relaxing.  Arvid making his Sunday calls.  Routines that
 make for good times. On Sundays Arvid goes "all the way out" 
as he likes to say.  Sundays are for bacon and eggs.

Yesterday evening Arvid had some time out with the boys.  
I had some time alone with Sniff and a good book.

  We were both happy.  He did try to get me
 to go with him, but this time I said no.

Today there is a lot of soccer going on.  Arvid plans
breakfast in between the breaks.  He tries to get all his 
phone calls done before because as he says, "it's now done, 
and I can watch the games without interruption."  Sometimes 
it works and sometimes it does not.  Arvid is flexible after all.

Another beautiful day here.  My balcony pick for this morning.

Hello Sunday.  And what do you have in store for us today?

Sometimes you just have to accept the truth and 
stop wasting time on the wrong people.  It is up to
 you to see the beauty of everyday things...