Apr 4, 2019

A Day In The Life Of Sniff ~

The best therapist has fur and four legs...

Most of the day is spent napping.  He has a lot
 of different beds around the apartment.

Sometimes his favorite napping spot happens to be me.

When the sun hits his condo, you will find Sniff there.  Ready for
 another nap or maybe just to relax and watch the boats pass by.

Here again.  Just hanging out with me.  On me.
Though Sniff does not like being picked up he loves to be hugged, 
but for short periods of time.  I do it as often as I can.

Everyday I pick Sniff up.  I count how long it is
 before he starts to squirm wanting to get away.  So far
 he has managed to stay put for 20 seconds.

If restrain him I can manage to hold him for another 15
 seconds.  I know one day it will be better because I will not give
 up.  I love him too much to not be able to hold him for longer.

Wishing everyone a good day.  If your life is stressful, there
is nothing better than having a little kitty or doggie to make it better.
Whenever we are having a not so good day, Sniff is always
 there to remind us to slow down and to breathe.

Dogs and Cats are God's way of apologizing for 
your relatives.  Love is a four legged word...