Apr 26, 2019

The Weekend Begins ~

It's Friday.  Time to go make stories for Monday...

Happy that Arvid is back safe at home.  I had a
 few stressful moments for a while, but all's good.  
Friday and the weekend will kick off early.

This weekend we have plan on having an open house, 
so today we clean and prep the property.  Making it ready 
for showing.  Even when we work we have fun.

Not sure what the day hold, but definitely something fun.
Had an early workout, brushed Sniff and now debating
what to make for lunch. Not always an easy thing.

 Arvid does not like to eat out too often, and no matter
what or where I bribe him to go, he refuses.  Lately
though he has been open to checking out different
places for Happy Hour.  Happy about that.

Still trying to coordinate time frames with J
and Alexandra.  They do a lot of destination weddings
 and weekends are their only free time. Making it
tougher to get together. Busy lives.

 When I told J we wanted to take them out to dinner
 the first thing he said, "auntie Nad, this time we will take
you and uncle Arvid out for a proper meal, and we will pay."
 Little J has grown up.  From a child he has always
been kind.  A quality that will be his forever.
I'm not used to anyone paying for us.
 I love that boy so much.

Let's see what the day holds.

May your weekend be filled with positive
 thoughts, kind people, and happy moments...