Jun 8, 2020

A New Week Begins ~ June 8th ~

We have a normal.  As you move outside of 
your comfort zone, what was once the unknown 
and frightening becomes your new normal...

Last week I went to the doctor.  Finally I had an 
actual appointment to go and see him in person and 
not this Face Time thing.  I refused to do the Face Time
 consultation two times prior to my appointment.

The experience was bizarre.  Both the doctor
 and I had on masks of course.  The doctor also
 had on a protective shield over his mask. I 
did not understand a single thing he said 😷.  

After asking him to repeat several times I
 gave up.  All I said was, "you look bizarre, and 
you look like you're going into a battle right now. 
 You should be in a battlefield instead of this office."  
Not sure he understood me either from under my mask.

As the new week begins, more and more openings
 are happening all over these United States of America.

We have never been to the below mentioned beach,
 but it sure looks beautiful.  Grayton Beach is a small, 
historic beach village on the Florida Panhandle Gulf coast
halfway between Destin and Panama City.  Definitely
 something to consider for a future weekend outing 🏖

Hello Monday.  What's in store for us today?

🌝In the rush to return to normal, use 
this time to consider which parts of
 normal are worth rushing back to...