Jun 6, 2020

Saturday June 6th~

No medicine cures what happiness cannot...

Sniff and I were awake early, and to satisfy a curiosity 
I just googled some information.  My friend Anna,
 and I were chatting last night and the question as 
to which city in the USA has the most sunny days
 came up.  Now I know.  Useful information?
 Don't think so, but I have the time 🤷🤩.

Of course when Arvid wakes up I will quiz him.  
As usual Arvid won't care, but why not inform him. Arvid 
has a knack of forgetting what he calls "useless" information
 very fast 😦, so I just pick and choose what I tell him 😃

Since reopening here in South Florida, COVID-19
 cases have surged, but does not mean everyone will get 
sick and die. I'm not being callous, but life needs to go back
 on track.  It seems if you say "all lives matter" it's also
 wrong.  This is not a race thing, but it sure has become.

With the riots going on it feels as if we are living in 
an alien place.  Looting and killing in the name of justice
is just wrong.  Destroying property and human life suddenly
 is what prevails.  The country has already gone to hell.

Destroying property is now common.  Businesses that 
were all ready for reopening are now burnt to the ground
 or completely vandalized.  This is not of course everyone, 
but it's always those few that makes the rest look bad. 
 This unfortunately, is the America we now live it.

We have been informed that in our area, across 
from us there will be 2 protests going on.  One can just
 hope they will be peaceful and that everyone will
 remember that ALL LIVES MATTER.

And life goes on.  The new norm is
 the way today. Here comes the rain again ☔.

How many moments of silence do we 
have to have until we aren't anymore...