Jun 12, 2020

Friday ~ June 12th

Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story...

I am restless.  Tired of being in this limbo of should 
we or should we not? Can't wait for our lives to be 
"normal" again, or as it's known now, the new
 norm.  Whatever that is, I want it NOW!

I'm tired of wearing this mask.  Makes me hot and
 it suffocates me.  When I have it on I am just amazed
 of how it is suddenly the accepted thing here 😷.

It's getting to the point where people are not even
 using much common sense.  On the above pictures
😷 you see people in the open air, alone. or in one
 case a mother and daughter.  Wearing a mask.  
WHY???  You are alone and in the fresh air.

Give me open spaces, and looking forward to 
the day we can say goodbye to using masks.

If you want change you have to
 be willing to be uncomfortable...