Jun 28, 2020


Sunday.  A day to refuel your soul and be grateful 
for your blessings.  Take a deep breath and relax 🤩.  
Enjoy your family, your friends and a cup of coffee...

Sunday morning.  Arvid on the phone with his calls 
to family in Norway 💜.  Always how we start 
our Sunday morning.  Relaxed and happy.

Yesterday as we sat out on the balcony we saw a
 little squirrel on the tree.  It took me several
 tries before I was able to get a picture.  She's 
really cute, and yes I think it's a she 💕.

The heat continues and this Saharan Dust does not help one bit.

Arvid spend quite a lot of his day and evenings 
researching Puerto Rico.  Yes, he is at it again.  He woke
 up this morning and said to me, "I had a dream about 🌴
Puerto Rico.  We had a house and we were extending it."  He was
 so happy I smiled.  Like I said he finds things to keep him busy 
until he finds something else either way, Arvid stays BUSY.

Puerto Rico right now feels like where we should be.
  For a few days.  Getaway from this boredom that is life in 
Florida right now.  There are way too many restrictions.  

In a few weeks I am sure Floridians will be blocked 
from getting into many places.  It has already started.  
Puerto Rico may also soon block us from entering 😓.

Sniff is back in bed.  Arvid is watching soccer.
  We did go out a little on the balcony, but was too hot 
so we came right back in.  Another day or scorching heat
 awaits us, other than that life is good.  We are happy.

 Hello Sunday.  What do you have in store for us today?

What the world needs now is solidarity.  With solidarity 
we can defeat the virus and build a better world...