Jun 20, 2020

Saturday June 20th ~

For every minute you are angry you
 lose sixty seconds of happiness...

The morning has been beautiful.  No rain and boat 
after boat passing by.  The sky has already started to 
darken and the showers are most likely coming soon. 

 With the constant passing of boats, Arvid continues
 to keep count of how many people are in a boat.  The 
boat below he counted 10.  He said, "in a small 
boat like that it's only 4 allowed."  He's happy. 

Sniff is very agitated.  The thunder scares him
 and he's constantly running from room to room.  When 
Arvid moves Sniff is already between his legs.  Arvid has
 now stepped on him twice.  He's not sure where to go 
and what to do.  He's even scared to eat right now.

Since this COVID -19 is spiking like crazy again,
 I told Arvid that tomorrow we will not do take out.  
Instead I will make lunch at home.  Of course he was 
happy about that.  If it were up to him I would probably
 have to cook everyday.  Hmmm.. not happening 🌝

In the meantime we continue to enjoy our balcony trips. 
 Drinks at home and good food.  Yes, and when we get bored 
we look at where we would like to go.  Can you guess?

Soccer has been going on for most of the day.  Someone
 is very happy.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend
 so far.  We are home, we are good.  Life is good.  

Above was last night's sunset.  After the rain.

Happiness is a direction, not a place...