Jun 24, 2020

Party Time Across The River ~ June 24th

A little party never killed nobody...

Over the weekend we had more great times on the balcony.

It was party time across the river from us. What a fun time.

The party was in full swing.  The boys sure
know how to live it up and how to have fun.
Was good to see people having fun 🌈.

Life is not always what it seems.  Sometimes
you see someone laughing, smiling, but you don't
 known the story behind the smile.  Yesterday
we received some very devastating news 💔.

Be kind to everyone you meet because you don't
 know what they are going through.  Behind every
smile there is a heartache you know nothing about.

Life is full of surprises.  Not all are good.

The moment when you have to take a deep breath
 before speaking because you're so close to crying...