Jun 17, 2020

Wednesday June 17th ~

Challenges are what make life interesting. 
Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful...

Usually on June first Arvid, Sniff, and I would
 have been in Chicago.  There is nothing usual, nor 
normal about 20202 so far.  We are still in Florida 🌴.  
COVID has changed absolutely everything today.

That being said, we do still plan on going for a 
couple of weeks to Chicago, and on our way there
 we were planning on stopping in North Carolina
 to see my parents.  Rima and family were also
🌞 going to be coming from California,
so the trip was even extra special.

Arvid and I are renting a little mini van and
 it was Arivid's idea we pick Rima and the gang up
 from the airport 🛬.  Everyone was happy, happy.

Reshma, Kimsy, Danielle and families were 
also planning on coming, but then COVID struck 
again.  Suddenly more and more cases are popping 
up everywhere.  Florida and North Carolina 
are seeing huge number of cases daily.

The situation suddenly changed.  Now 
we were once again very worried about our
 parents and the fact that Rima was going
 to be travelling in an airplane.  

Our parents are older.  This was a risk none
 of us wanted to take, and my mom and dad 
who were not afraid nor scared during the 
pandemic were suddenly a little scared.

All of this being said, we have all decided to
 not go to North Carolina for now.  Rima will be 
cancelling her trip, which I think under the 
circumstances is the best thing to do.  

My parents have already bought Arvid a few cases
 of his favorite beer.  We do not find that beer here
 in Florida.  Unfortunately, we will not be picking it up
 this time.  Arvid keeps telling me that we could visit
 them on our way back from Chicago, but I said no.
  I want to, but I don't want to put them at risk 😟.

I am disappointed as is everyone else.  We were 
all definitely looking forward to being together.  
Lilly Vade was looking forward to being with 
all her cousins.  That's what she said.

Wednesday brings a lot of soccer.  Arvid has already
watched a coupe of games, and is now into the third one.

Soon it's time for our afternoon walk. 
Always a great time. The outdoors, fresh air
and no mask.  At least not for us, others.🤷

Whatever you're going through in your 
life don't give up.  Better days are coming...