Jun 16, 2020

Tuesday June 16th ~

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet...

By the end of yesterday not did it only rain,
 but it rained like crazy.  Thunder and lightning.  
First the sky started turning very dark ⧭.

Soon after the rain cam down like never before.  
With it came thunder and lightning.  This lasted for
 quite some time.  Summertime in Florida 🤣.

I told Arvid it was a good time to get the broom
 and clean the balcony never thinking he would actually
 do it.  He does not like the rain, but he did get the broom,
 and he did sweep.  Now the balcony is clean again.

While all of this was going on, I was making
 sure I got lots of pictures and videos.  In the videos
 you can hear the thunder going on and on 🗲🌩.

Not sure what kind of a day awaits us.  With the 
unpredictability of this weather nothing is for sure. 
 Yesterday because of all the rain, Arvid and I walked in 
the garage.  We went up and down the 5 levels a few times. 
 Not bad, but always better with our "real" walks.

Last night the colors in the sky kept changing all the time.

Arvid as usual is always relaxed.  No matter what's 
going on.  He cool as a cucumber, while Sniff and I are 
in constant movement.  They say opposites attract.

A new day begins.  Always make the most of every 
opportunity that presents. And yesterday as the sun sets..

Each new day has a different shape to it.  You just roll with it...