Jun 18, 2020

Thursday June 18th ~

Be happy with what you have.
Be excited about what you want...

It's takeout day, and today I'm having Indian food. 
 Arvid and I always have something different.  He does
 not ever want to switch from pizza, and I want something 
different most of the time.  On Thursdays this is possible.

On Tuesday we finally made it to the Swap Shop.
 I stocked up with all the tropical fruit I was missing, and 
of course I had to have my coconut.  It was a great time.

Arvid also visited the Norwegian store and stocked
 up on a few things he needed.  He bought meatballs, 
hot dogs and some different jams.  I do not eat any of
 those meatballs nor hot dogs.  Don't like them one bit.

I made Arvid his meatballs and a hot dog yesterday.
  After he was done eating he said to me, "this food is 
really bland, actually tasteless when compared to the
 food you make."  Arvid is a smooth talker for sure.

And yes, masks have to be worn while at the
 Swap Shop also, that is unless you are eating,
and in my case I was.  Yay. . happy me.

It's already raining.  The last few days we have had
to walk in the parking lot.  Yes, rain and more rain.

You deserve to be happy.  You deserve to live a life you 
are excited about.  Don't let others make you forget that...