Jun 5, 2020

June 5th ~ Another day To Be Happy

Be happy with what you have,
be excited about what you want...

Sniff is not exactly feeling 100% today.  Seems 
like he goes through these "stages" too often.  I have
 to think we have a moody little boy with us, but
 he's loved.  Moody or not he's our little dude.

It began yesterday.  He won't eat, and he wont get
 out of bed.  When he did get out of bed, it was just to
 move to another bed.  This morning he didn't even want me 
to brush him.  I am going to be worried for the next few days 
until he gets back to :normal."  Maybe Sniff is also 
experiencing the "new normal" of today.

When I got back home from North Carolina Arvid
 and Sniff had looked up places we would be going to. 
 Arvid's favorite hobby when I am gone is to either buy
 a car, real estate or to find places for us to go to.  Here
 he and Sniff are showing me what they found 😃.

Will we go?  That's another question, but it
 kept him busy and happy.  One thing for sure,
 with Arvid everyday is an adventure.  

As we were talking about maybe going out to 
restaurants, Arvid as usual gets hesitant.  I said 
to him "so you are scared?"  He said the only
thing I am sacred of is you 😮🤷.  

Wishing everyone a happy day.  More 
rain is expected, but hopefully by the time we
 go for our walk it would have eased off.

So far 2020 has been a very chaotic year.  What next we ask?

A new day begins.  The possibilities are limitless.

Some cause happiness wherever they go, 
others whenever they go.  Happiness is inn you...