Jun 19, 2020

Friday June 19th ~

Some people want it to happen, some wish 
it would happen, others make it happen...

I have been awake since 2 am.  Not sure why, 
but it's been a while now that I have woken up this early. 
 Lately I have been managing to sleep in until 7 am.  Very 
happy for that.  Today is just an aberration that's all.

Sniff has been brushed, ate some dry food and is 
back to bed.  Nothing interferes with Sniff and
 Arvid's sleep.  They sleep just like babies 😴

The rain continues here.  At this moment it is not
 raining, but it's expected to rain most of the day.  At 
least that's what the weather man said.  Lately they 
have been spot on with the weather.  Summertime
 in Florida.  Here comes the rain again and again.

Our days begins with dark clouds, which I think
 is very pretty.  After that the rain comes and then comes
 a beautiful sunset, and after that the rain again ☔

Fridays.  Used to be an outing by the water a few 
tropical drinks, something to nibble on, and just relax and
 watch people and the boats pass by.  Due to an increase 
of COVID-19, cases this will not be happening for us.  We
 are back to strict staying at home again.  This is crazy.

All the plans we had for today no longer are.  
No weekend to Naples as we had planned.  Bummer, 
but maybe for the best.  Arvid did find a beautiful place and
 we were looking forward to it it very much.  Another time
 it will be.  No Naples, No North Carolina, no NOrway.  
Is this anyway to live??  Does not seem right to me.

Good morning everyone.  And 2020 continues to amaze us.
What a year this week has been.  Again and again.

The only way to do our best work 
right now, is to work well together...