Mar 18, 2022

Day of our Lives ~

 Be like a postage stamp, stick
 to a thing until you get there...

Some days Sniff just finds a spot and focuses on it no 
matter what we do or how much we try to distract him.  
The other day he kept watch for hours.  What he was
 seeing or hearing we still do not know, but he sure 
was concentrated.  He never missed a beat.

It's not yet six AM and I have been up for the last hour. 
 Not unusual, but today it's raining like crazy.  Very hard 
with extreme lightning and thunder.  Sniff is just scared
 out of his wits, and staying as close to me as he can.

At least it is not cold.  Yesterday temperatures hit 77F (25C) 
made for a very beautiful day.  Hopefully this will be the trend 
from now on.  Everyone is looking forward to warmer days.

Having my own car once again sure makes a big difference.  
Yesterday I was able to leave work an hour earlier than usual while
 Arvid stayed back.  I sure got a lot accomplished in that hour.

Good morning everyone.  The rain continues, but now it's
 just a soothing sound.  The weekend is already looking up.

If a mind thinks with a believing
 attitude, one can do amazing things...