Mar 25, 2022

Friday In Branson ~

 Just because something good ends,
 doesn't mean something better won't begin...

One of our tenants received a dozen white roses from 
a girl he met. Next thing you know he's coming to the 
office and asking me if I would like them.  Who in their 
right mind would refuse?  I sure didn't.  They now
have a place at Almost Home.  Until they dry up.

Yesterday was another super cold day.  By the end of
 the day it did warm up a tiny bit.  Not much. My hands 
were cold, but my feet were warmer than the day before.

Mornings at work is always busy. The phone never 
stops ringing, but that is good as well.  Many people 
need a place to live so our list keeps growing. 

I finally got an open room coming up and I already
 have a deposit on it.  I call up the ones on my list and try 
to always select people without dogs.  I love animals, 
but they also cause disturbances I don't want.

Most people on my list have dogs.  Sometimes 
more than one.  For me that does not work.  So even
 though I have a long list waiting for a room, I am very 
selective on who I will call and allow to live here.  

Looking forward to a warmer weekend, and warmer 
days, but somehow winter just keeps hanging around.
  How much more of this do we have to go through?

The only thing that will make you happy 
is being happy with who you are...