Mar 10, 2022

Thursday March 10th

Sometimes sitting and doing nothing
 is the best something you can do... 

The squirrels are at it again.  They have already "destroyed"
 2 of the feeders, but this particular one is holding up so far.  I 
have bought a few different ones.  They claim to be squirrel proof, 
and so far those have been holding up to the the squirrel attacks.

All things considered we are doing good.  I am really exhausted,
 but that's to be expected.  Everyday is better and I know that 
together Arvid and I can accomplish what we set out to do.  We 
always have a game plan, and a time frame.  And we always 
hope for the best, but plan for worse case scenario.

No matter how busy we are, Sniff always gets a lot of attention.  
Maybe not as much as he's used to, but I brush him early
 in the mornings and in the evenings.  He's loved.

Life being so busy right now, I find that I do not
 spend as much time thinking about my PR kitties, but  I
 do miss them, and no matter what I look for posts from
 my friend in Puerto Rico often hoping to "see" them.

Good morning all.  It's cold, but as of right now there is
 no snow today.  Tomorrow snow is still in the forecast.

It's a busy time.  There will be a lot of changes...