Mar 15, 2022

Tuesday, Just Another Day ~

 The world is full of people
 looking for spectacular happiness 
while they snub contentment...

For those who know a little about Branson, MO,
 you know it’s a seasonal town.  Season begins mid March,
 and goes all the way to December 31st. Some 9 million 
people come this way during the season.  Not bad.

This past weekend Branson was already buzzing. 
 Spring break has begun and the town was full.  Most of 
the attractions are open though it is still cold, as far as we
 are concerned everything was full and people were enjoying  
water activities among among other things in short sleeves.

Arvid and I drove around a bit and witnessed some of it.
  Traffic was heavy and there were cars everywhere.  Even the 
restaurants are packed  Fortunately, we eat earlier than
 most, 😍 so we did not have too long of a wait.

Our life is out on hold again.  For now our entire
 focus is on running  Almost Home Lodge and to continue 
on making it a place everyone feels safe and welcome.

I am still helping with the cleaning  I cannot 
believe the amount of trash one one alone can have, 
but everyday is a new learning experience.

Sniff is not used to us being gone this much, but 
he’s such a good boy, and I brush him first thing in the
 morning and as soon as we get home in the afternoons.  
No matter how tired I am  sniff is never neglected.

To all a good day.  Time to tackle a room we
 have been cleaning for quite some time .  Until 
I feel I can live in it, I will not rent it out.

Think of all the beauty still 
left around you and be happy...