Mar 20, 2022

Sunday To Relax ~

 Your mind will answer most questions if 
you learn to relax and wait for the answer...

Sunday, we have a day off.  Finally.  Suddenly 
you appreciate the little things even more. Planning
 on just relaxing, of course always a little paperwork 
that we need to catch up on. Overall, an easy day.

Yesterday we were only in the office for a few hours. 
It was absolutely QUIET!  Love it. We took our 
maintenance man and his wife out to lunch.

Of course we took them to our favorite place.  Drafts. 
 We had the chicken wings, and they had the much
 awaited chicken sandwich.  Everyone was happy.

To make this day "perfect" all I want is peace, quiet and 
no phone calls.  At work I am answering call all day long among
 other things.  Good to just take a break from the phones.

To all a good day, and may we all rest up for the week
 that awaits us.  Definitely looking good already.

Spring is here, and with that we hope warmer 
temperatures as well.  Hello first day of spring.  Let's
 not forget, where flowers bloom, so does hope

Sometimes, the most productive thing
 that you can do is to step outside and do
 nothing... relax and enjoy nature...