Mar 26, 2022

It's A Good Day ~ Saturday March 26th

 Change is good.  Never get too comfortable...

Even though we go in to work on Saturdays, the day is
 a short one.  There is always something good about each day,
 and I always try to see the positive side of things.  My positive 
is it's a short day, and hopefully my reward will be Indian 
foodies.  Branson has the BEST Indian restaurant.

Sniff will be happy to see us home at a decent time instead of at
 the end of the day.  I get extra time to brush him 💙, check out the
 birdies and fill their feeders.  Overall, not a bad day at all.  Happy 
day to all and don't forget to always look for the good in each day.

Change is good.  Sometimes it brings opportunity..