Mar 28, 2022

Monday March 28th ~

 Focus on the outcome, not the obstacle...

The weekend came and before we knew it, it was over. 
 I did not have any time to relax much we were on the go all 
the time.  It's already Monday again.  The new week 
begins and ready or not, time waits for no one.

Though we didn't have  a lot of relax time, we did 
get a few important things accomplished.  Makes it all 
worthwhile.  Yes, we are ready to face a new week.

No matter how busy, how hectic our day is, I always 
make time for Sniff.  He gets brushed twice a day.  First 
thing in the morning and as soon as I get back home
 from work.  Sniff after all is my happy place.

Focus on the possibilities for success, 
not the potential for failure...