Mar 12, 2022

Saturday March 12th ~

I stumbled, but I rose back 
up and continued my journey... 

Saturdays are not that hectic. We do get to relax 
a few hours in the morning, "work" a little in the middle 
of the day, and then enjoy the rest of the day leisurely. 
 Right now, I will take just being home, and enjoying
 a good book with Sniff and  Arvid by my side.

Life is on a fast track right now.  I know one day it will
 get back to a semblance of "normal" whatever normal
 is in our life.  For now it feels as if I am on autopilot.

Everything could be better, on the other hand it 
could also be much worse.  In the big picture, we are 
doing quite OK.  Always grateful for the little things

Some people wait a lifetime
 for a moment like this...