Mar 21, 2022

Life ~ New Week

 The man who has confidence in
 himself gains the confidence of others...

The squirrel is driving me crazy 😂.  He eats all
 the food and no matter what I do, he finds a way to
 sneak up the feeders and gobble up the food.

Yesterday I caught him doing it again.  I ran down
 the slope as fast as I could.  I only slipped one time😅.
 I cleared some limbs from this really prickly tree and in
 the process I must have pulled a muscle in my shoulder.

Now of course I hurt, but I feel ok because the
 squirrel has not been able to get to the feeder as yet. 
 My fingers are covered with thorns and splinters, but I will 
live 😊  I like the little squirrel, I even buy squirrel food, 
but he is intent on eating the birdies foodies as well.

Sniff is doing good. The weather is beautiful and though 
busy, life is full of wonder and all things beautiful.

Wishing everyone a good day. Enjoy your life. Live it. 
No matter what your circumnavigate, don’t wait for “better”
 times.  These are your better times. After all you are alive 🥰

Three things you shouldn’t lose this week; your faith, 
your courage, and your smile. Happy new week....