Jun 14, 2024

Friday June 14th~

The pure joy of the unexpected
 can be a source of wonder to me...

Ever since Covid, Branson just like most places became
 inundated with food trucks.  Whether you're on vacation
 or taking a lunch break, eating outdoors is one of the most
 peaceful ways to do it.  Very relaxing, al fresco dining 🍨

  The food is really, delicious and there is quite a few
 to choose from.  There are so many food trucks currently 
in Branson🍔.  Branson is also a fairly religious town.

Yesterday morning I decided to take a little 
walk and check our surroundings.  It's beautifully
 well taken care of.  The lawn is so green.

Every thing is blooming and looks really pretty.  I did 
see many birds, but not my Fatboy nor my Daisy.  I did 
see one squirrel and a Gerald (groundhog).  Of course 
I always carry food with me for the wildlife.  I'm happy.

We did see a pretty cool "car" passing by.  Had everyone's attention.

Even though we have busy days, we always find time to do something fun.

I'm missing my Sniff a lot.  I don't know why, but I 
worry about him being lonely.  He's so attached to us.

So far we are having a good time.  Arvid will be VERY busy
 the next few days, and because I am running around with him
 so will I 😕  When we're not running around, we make sure we 
enjoy ourselves.  For me that means good food is a must 🍚

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Starting today we 
have a job, more like Arvid has a job for the next 3 days.

Happy news.  Florida Panther's win game 3 of the
 Stanley Cup Finals.  One more win and they become 
the Stanley Cup Champions.  Let's go Panther's🏑

The most important thing is to enjoy your 
life—to be happy—it's all that matters...