Jun 7, 2024

Friday June 7th~

I like Florida.  Everything is in the 80's.
The temperatures, the ages and the IQ's...

 Living in Florida never gets boring.  There is always
 something to do, and there is always someone coming up 
with crazy stuff.  Just makes for one hell of a time.  Love it!  
Love it.  I know everywhere has its peculiarities, but boy
 here in Florida they are made the most of 😂.  Thank you
 internet for your constant humor.  Always makes my day.

Summer in Florida.  Any and everything goes.  Never a 
dull moment, at times one wouldn't mind a few "less exciting" 
time, but it's all part of the Florida lifestyle everyone loves.

But then you have mornings/sunrises like these.  Makes 
everything seem so much better.  Like I always say, I am a morning 
person and seeing the sky change colors everyday makes me happy.

Friday already.  Another week done with.  Time sure does 
not wait for anyone.  Not sure what we will be doing today, 
but hopefully something will present itself and we will be
 brave enough to head out in the heat.  It's worth it, because 
downtown Fort Myers sure is a favorite spot for us. 

A good day to all and may you have a great weekend as well. 
 Here at home, work on the marina continues.  The workers
 are hauling out the pilings from the water.  Not so easy as you
 would think, but we have something to look at every day.

 I have learned over the years that when one’s
 mind is made up, this diminishes fear...