Jun 8, 2024

Saturday June 8th~

 Every sunrise gives you a new beginning and new ending...

I don't think I will ever get enough of these beautiful
 mornings.  It's the same no matter where we are, so it's not
 the location that's really important.  It's the beauty of each 
sunrise in its uniqueness that really matters to me.

When we lived in Branson I also witnessed amazing sunrises
 from our deck.  I loved the live we had there as well.

When we lived in Puerto Rico we also saw beautiful sunrises
 from our balcony.  Makes me yearn to be there right now.

When we lived in the Bahamas.  Breathtaking views of 
sunrises and sunsets from our deck.  This is of the sunrise.

One of my Norwegian sunrises from summer of 2019.  
I look forward to capturing many more this year.

Yesterday Arvid and I were brave and walked 
downtown.  It was so hot no one was sitting out in any 
of the restaurants.  Everyone, including us choose to be in
 the air conditioned room.  No need to die of heat stroke.

I was craving pizza and Arvid would never say no to pizza.

Not much happening today.  Unless of course we 
get restless in a few hours.  Happens quite often.  
Happy Saturday and a very good day to all.

Embracing the colors of the morning sky.
  Starting the day with a golden sunrise...