Jun 24, 2024

Monday June 24th~

It's no use going back to yesterday,
 because I was a different person then...

Another week and another day closer to seeing
 the girls and family in Norway.  Arvid and I have 
started to sort what we will be taking with us. 

 I think differently than Arvid and would do things a bit 
differently, but for the sake of smooth sailing he gets his 
way.  If it were up to me I would get everything we need 
in Norway, but like I said he thinks differently than I do.

The suitcases are already packed and weighed, and I 
have not yet packed any clothes, shoes, anything for me.
  According to Arvid I have enough already in Norway.
I of course disagree.  There is no room to take anything
 for anyone, but I will make sure I make some room. 

Sniff is still “worried” every time we walk out the door. 
He meows and meows like as if we are leaving him again. 
Of course knowing that we soon will stresses me out and
 dampens my excitement.  But excited I am.  We are.

Over the weekend we have watched so much soccer.  
I feel as if I live in soccer land 🤦🏻‍♀️Tonight the Stanley Cup
 champions will be crowned  of course I’m rooting for the
 Florida Panther’s.  LET’S GO PANTHER’S!🐈‍⬛  I know 
I will be a wreck throughout the entire game 🐈‍⬛

This week I’m getting all of Sniffs Chewy order sorted. 
 He already has a few deliveries coming today, and a few later 
in the week.  Like all pet owners, I have overstocked.  He 
has for more than twice the amount of time I will be gone for.
Sniff gets what he wants, otherwise he gets very demanding.

To all a very good week.  If you want to 
see progress, you have to work for it.

Remember, every day of the week is a fresh start...