Jun 26, 2024

Wednesday June 26th~

Quiet mornings are the moments to relish, 
to ponder upon life, breathe in the fresh air and look 
around you without any crowd or noise...

 The celebration continues for the Florida Panthers.  If you're
 in South Florida you will be in for a treat, that is if you are a 
hockey fan, even if you're not it will still be a great time.

The Florida Panthers merchandise is a hot commodity right now.  

The day has barely begun and we 
have already experience all of the below.

All is good at home.  Lots going on in the 
marina.  Keeps Sniff and Arvid "busy"

To all a good day.  Currently raining.  Feels good to be indoors.

You have peace," the old woman said, 
"when you make it with yourself...