Jun 22, 2024

Saturday June 22nd~

No matter what yesterday was like, birds
 always start the new day with a song...

 Yesterday we went downtown Fort Myers for Music Walk. 
 Though it was hot, it was a very good time.  As always lots 
of music, interesting crowd and of course Jesus preaching
 to anyone who would listen.  I just find it amusing 
and definitely always make sure I get a picture.

We walked around a bit, checked out the different 
musicians, of course Arvid had a brief interaction with Jesus. 
 Trying to convert Arvid is not to anyone's advantage.  

Last night was game 6 of seven of the Stanley Cup. 
 Once again the Florida Panthers took a beating.  I never
 would have thought that after they won the first three games 
of the Stanley Cup, they would then lose the next three.  The Oilers 
(Canadians) are in to win this cup and it's looking like they will. 
 Of course I want the Florida Panthers to win, but it's 
not looking so good.  One more game to go.

All is good here.  Sniff does not leave our side and whenever
 we move he cries.  He just wants to hideaway in my backpack.

A good day to all and a good weekend.  Here we
 are starting to get into the Norway mode already.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are...