Jun 15, 2024

Saturday June 15th~

I always had that get-up-and-go to work for
 myself - I never wanted a nine-to-five job...

Arvid is "on the job"  Is he happy about it?  Yes and no. 
 We didn't really come here to be working all the time, checking
 up on stuff yes, but to actually be handed a job, that's something 
else, but as Kurt said, "you're still an owner so you work" 😂

Yesterday morning I went out for a little walk looking for some 
wildlife friends.  I brought with me peanuts for the squirrels and
 the groundhogs.  I also have carrots and bread for the birds.
  I saw just one squirrel.  Still was happy, and many birds.

Yesterday was a lot of running back and fort to 
The View (hotel) mainly for Arvid.  As Kurt said,
 "we have to keep an eye on our investment."

Last night we were out listening to live music.  Same place
 we checked out the day before. Rock Island Tiki Bar,  
Table Rock Lake's most iconic Tiki Bar! Featuring popular drink
 specials, popular menu items from our Tiki Food Truck, 
Tiki Hawaiian BBQ food specials and home of Rock
 Lane LIVE Summer Concert Series. 

Yesterday we did many things.  We ran back and fort
 to the hotels a few times.  In between we went to the outlets. 
 We both ended up with something for ourselves.  

I had a cool encounter with the guy by the dressing room 
in one of the shops.  He asked "how do I spell your name?"  
I said anyway you like.  And he said, "you'll like this."

Of course we had to stop when there is a car involved, 
and Arvid has had his eye on the Excalibur since last year.

We also took a trip to Table Rock Dam.  This picture is from 
two years ago.  Yesterday the dam was not releasing water.

After a few more checks at the hotels Arvid and
 I had the evening off, and it was a good one.

On this trip everywhere we have been someone has 
shouted out, "is that you Miss Nadiya"  It's good seeing people
 we know some were our tenants back in 2017 as well.

Missouri is known for its beautiful lakes.  
We definitely are impressed with them.

After all is said and done, the place I would like to
be is home with Sniff.  I sure miss that little dude.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; 
but often we look so long at the closed door that we 
do not see the one which has been opened for us...