Jun 30, 2024

Sunday June 30th~

Simply content with being alone.
Do one thing every day that scares you...

The party in South Florida is today.

 Didn’t do much yesterday but I did get a lot of 
relaxation throughout the day.  Arvid watched a ton
 of soccer and Sniff was hiding on and off due to the 
lightning and thunder.  A typical day in at home.

Sniff is getting into July 4th mode and Floridians are 
already getting their humor in place.  Gotta love Florida.

I slept really good.  I was awake early. but not throughout the 
night.  I feel happy, rested and ready for the day.  It's looking 
to be one of those days where the weather does everything. 
 Sunshine, rain, thunderstorms, lightning.  You name it, it
 will definitely happen. After all, this is summer in Florida.

 A very good day to all.  Make it a great one.

The big lesson in life, baby, is
 never be scared of anyone or anything...