Jun 13, 2024

Thursday June 13th~

   Where we belong is often where we least expect to 
find ourselves—a place that we may have willed ourselves
 to forget, but that the heart remembers forever...

 First thing we did after breakfast yesterday was to go visit 
Almost Home Lodge and The View.  Both hotels in which we 
are still part owners.  It's always bittersweet coming back.  
I think of how it was when we had it, compared to how 
it is today.  Many changes.  Some very good ones.

Arvid and I had a very long day travelling,
 but once we got to Missouri it felt so familiar.  We both 
said it at the same time, "it feels like we're coming home.
"  I sure missed it, but I won't change Florida for anything.
  I'm just happy we are here.  It's already been a busy day. 
 We're already helping Kurt and running around.  
Being busy, sure feels good for now.

On our way to Missouri, we made a stop-over in Atlanta.
  When we left the sunset was quite impressive.

Arvid and I finally found a little time for ourselves. 
 Why not go to Maria Bonita and enjoy ourselves?  
That's what we did.  Lucky for us it's right withing 
walking distance from where we're staying.

As always I miss Sniff.  Every time we hear a sound
 both Arvid and I look up thinking it was Sniff. 

While we are experiencing gorgeous weather here in Branson 
(so far), back home in Florida, things are not looking so great.
  Noah's Ark is really needed right now since most of the State is
 flooded.  Of course Arvid said to me, "where can we live now?"

Back home in Fort Myers, yesterday 
started out horribly, but ended like this.

 Life is dynamic and unpredictable, 
often throwing us into circumstances that lead 
us to explore new paths and opportunities...