Sep 22, 2011

What Not to Buy at Old Navy...

Buying is a profound pleasure....

For those of you who shop and in the US and even those that do not, we are all familiar with Old Navy, sister to The Gap (just a bit cheaper). 

Reading an article and came across a list of items one should not buy at Old Navy and why. As we all know, Old Navy is undoubtedly great for picking up budget-friendly staples.

But while we love much of what the fashion chain has to offer, there are a few items not worth endorsing. Here’s what you should skip next time you’re walking the aisles of the bargain retailer.

Old Navy often has cute and trendy sweaters, but the quality of the materials leaves a bit to be desired. While a good sweater can last for years, the pullovers and cardigans from Old Navy are almost exclusively low-quality cotton, which stretches and fades quickly, or acrylic, which pills, sheds, and itches. Buy elsewhere for about twice the price and you’ll get a sweater that will last for several years rather than one season.

We love bargain-priced shoes as much as the next person, but footwear from Old Navy is exclusively faux leather, which doesn’t breathe, hold up over time, or fit particularly well. And, with prices pushing $50, you’re not really saving much money anyway! If you’re looking for good, cheap footwear, check out the clearance racks at department stores like Macy’s and the sale section of websites like Zappos.

You might think stocking up on T-shirts at Old Navy is a no-brainer, especially with prices for basic tees under $5, but lower prices are usually accompanied by lower quality. Tees from Old Navy tend to have boxy, inconsistent fits and are made from cotton that will fade and shrink considerably after a few washes. You’d be better served buying a higher quality, higher priced tee that you’ll be able to wear for years to come.

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With temperatures starting to drop, the lure of a low-priced fall or winter coat is strong. However, chances are a $40 solution isn’t going to keep you very warm or last you more than one chilly season. Outerwear is the perfect clothing item to invest in, especially if you live in a colder climate. Look for pieces that are at least 50% wool and have well-stitched seams and a quality lining. While you might have to pay a couple hundred bucks, you’ll be happy you did when each winter rolls around!

This being said not everything is a no!no! at Old Navy.  Even though we might not want to build our wardrobes around Old Navy pieces, there are definitely great things to be found there. Ckeck out Old Navy for certain denim looks—casual, looser-fitting boyfriend jeans are cheap, comfortable, and great for weekend wear. Bargain-priced lounge- and sleepwear from Old Navy are must-buys, as are its budget-friendly gym clothes.

A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist.....

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