Sep 27, 2014


When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully...

So far the day has been a combination of many little chores, which at times
can get very exhausting that's why in the middle of it all I took a couple of hours to do 
something fun.  For me it was just a little trip to Bed bath and Beyond.  Love browsing there.

Almost impossible to go there and not come home with a few items. 
 Made me happy just to get out and walk around a bit.

Today started out pretty much gloomy.  First it got all dark and then it poured.

Arvid always makes sure to carry Brutus around and to talk gently to him.  Telling
him that everything is OK and to not be afraid of the rain and thunder. 

As I have always mentioned, when it rains in Florida it rains hard and fast.
So the downpour was brief and ever since the day has been a boaters Paradise.
It's been boat after boats passing by all day long.  Always something to do and I am always 
running out to the balcony taking pictures of them.  Makes me happy even if I delete most.

My favorite shot so far for today was this one taken from the living room. Too many
 Soccer games on today so in between chores Arvid is busy.  Now he finally said
 he was tired of watching Soccer so it's time to sit out in the balcony and watch the boats.

Hopefully later on today we will head down to the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk.
Many years ago before I met Arvid this was where I lived and it was my "backyard"
  Also the first night Arvid and I went out, after dinner we went to
 the Boardwalk.  Fun memories always.

Wishing you all a good day.  For Brutus everyday is still a struggle to take his medication. 
 Me I have a few extra scratches, but as long as he gets his pills I can live with that.  
Soon it's time for his second dosage of the day. Even so, it's a beautiful 
day and I can't stop myself from smiling.

Have a magnificent day, challenge yourself, 
Stay awesome and remember to love without limits...!