Sep 28, 2014

To All A Good Day....

There is no use trying to rush fate,
because the best things in life are worth the wait...

Happy today because last week I showed the apartment to a man and we really hit it off.  
Now he will be our new tenant and both Arvid and I are pleased because we
 both like him. We had received few offers to rent the apartment, but 
being fussy and not wanting too much wear and tear we were 
very selective.  Obviously the wait paid off.  

A few morning chores as usual; 
always something to do, and Arvid loves staying busy.

So I found him a chore.  Our grocery cart needed assembling so once again
as he says "I'm your man for the job."  Brutus never far away.

Again it has been a difficult morning for Brutus and I.  Why he fights so much I do not
 understand, but he sure does not make this an easy chore. Good thing though is 
that  I have knocked down the time from 40 minutes to about 25 minutes to
 give him his pill.  As far as I can tell that is a HUGE accomplishment. 
 So what if he does not really swallow every bit of it?  The way
 I see it at least he gets some.  Better than nothing.

The good thing about Brutus is that he never holds a grudge.  He keeps coming to me 
when I call him.  I always brush him after giving him meds.  He loves it.
He is a very good boy.  The best as Arvid says.

We did go to Hollywood yesterday and it was very good.  Different.
As we were leaving Arvid said to me, "now I really want for us to go to Mexico.
Where no one can reach me and I can just relax away from phones, laptops, everything."

He was not too happy the past week because every time he sat down to watch one of
his soccer games the phone rang.  Sometimes I think Arvid would be happier in a world without
technology, that ain't happening, but at least when we go on vacation he gets his wish for a little :)

To all a good day.
 Remember, people are designed to do almost anything.

The greatest thing about where our life is right now is it's very relaxed and chill.
We're  just hanging out, being ourselves and doing our stuff...