Sep 7, 2014

Sunday With Family....

I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.

Spending time with ones family is the absolute best.  My little niece Lilly Vade insists 
on sleeping with me.  As you can imagine nothing makes me happier.  We go to bed, 
it's almost 11pm and she says, "auntie Nad I'm not tired as yet, let's play a few more games."  
She is a ball of energy put together is the cutest way.  She is just adorable in every which way.  
Her way of describing her uncle, "he's just insanely handsome."  Lilly is only 6 yet
 I have already learnt so much from her.

Riley and Gabby are also something else. Whereas Lilly is totally outgoing, Riley is shy
 and Gabby being is a typical teenager.  Boys are different than girls.  You can hug and kiss 
them, but only so much.  With Lilly it never ends.  She says she wants to give me love 
all the time.  Well you know I'm not complaining.

Marley and Dexter are the family's pets.  Marley the black Labrador is just 5 months old 
and weighs a whopping 55lbs already.  Lilly says he's the baby and that Dexter who 
weighs a total of maybe 5 lbs is a man.  Dexter is also older by about 6 years.  I love Dexter
 because I have known him since he was a baby in Texas.  He is just so cuddly and everyone 
just scoops him up.  He loves it.  Marley is also just too cute and already I love him too. 
 He plays non stop whereas Dexter likes to get a little in between nap.  Never a dull moment.

Yesterday our sister Nina abpnd David also visited.  Was good seeing two sisters in one visit.  
A treat and to celebrate George, Rima's husband made the best Cosmopolitan.  Before long
 we were relaxed and laughing and talking at the same time.  Very very good time. 
 Of course we had a BBQ.

In the afternoons early evenings Rima makes an awesome mimosa.  We sit out on the patio 
at sunset and have a moment just the two of us.  So good.  These few days have been so
far more than I could ask for.  Just spending time with them and having Lilly
keeping me occupied has been a treat.  Dexter and Marley also follow me
around making me even more happy.  This way I don't miss Brutus that much
 especially knowing that Arvid is home with him.  As for Arvid he calls
about 2-3 times a day and we catch up.  He keeps me informed
of all new developments and everything Brutus.  I'm therefore
 happy and relaxed knowing all is good back home making
this a good time with Rima and family.

My Gabby...

Just a few more days with everyone.  Making the most of it and
having a wonderful time.  Happy Sunday to all of you.

To us, family means putting your arms 
around each other and being there...