Nov 13, 2017

Pretty Sights ~

New week.  New vibes.  New goals...

Branson.  Captured in all different lighting.  Like I always say, no
 matter where you are there is beauty to be found.  You just have to look.

As the new week begins, we look forward to beautiful days.  Very chilly start
in the mornings, but as mentioned before it sure warms up nicely.

The wheel is always a favorite and no matter from what angle or where, it is beautiful.
The fact that it came from Chicago also makes it more special to me.

Arvid is coming down with the cold.  last year he took the flu shot and never had
the cold.  Of course he is asking me how come it is he did not take the flu shot this year.
It's not like I did not remind him to do so several times.  says e will see if he can still take it.

Very quiet at both hotels.  Exactly how we like it, especially when we are also full.
The next few weeks Branson will be bombarded with visitors from all over
the world.  Checking out the lights.  One of the best Christmas displays
in the Nation.   From what I have read and heard, and seeing.

Let's get going and make this a great week.

It's Monday.  Time to sparkle and shine...