Nov 11, 2017

Saturday ~

Be grateful for all you have, but never settle for all you can be...

Friday.  Started off in the low 30's (1C), but here at home it was nice 
and toasty.  Can be because Arvid keeps it at75F or maybe
 because I was baking a turkey for hours. 

 I have never before made a turkey for Arvid and I, 
but I have already made 3 for my tenants at Almost Home. 
 The last one is just about finished.  Not Thanksgiving as yet, but I
 figured I will treat them to a home cooked meal today.  Turkeys are
 soon done and I am sure it will be enjoyed today.  I'm happy.

Sniff and I woke up pretty early.  He has already been brushed and fed.  Now he 
is running "wild"  Of course Arvid is still asleep.  He says I make too much noise 
and move around too much, so he was happy when I got out of the bed earlier than usual.

Saturdays are my "late" days.  Instead of going to work for 9am
 I get there a little later.  Those extra minutes definitely make a 
difference.  So much gets done in those "extra" minutes.  

Today we will be taking my maintenance people out for lunch. 
The are new and we are super happy with them.  Arvid also has a new
 maintenance couple, whom we have already taken to lunch
 a few times.  They are also super good for his place.

Everyday I am amazed at the beauty around us.  Like I said no matter where we are,
 beauty surrounds us.  For me the colors in the sky no matter what time of the day, 
is always stunning.  This was what I saw just the other day on my way home.

The two above pictures were taken on the same day just 10 minutes apart.
Yes, on my way home if the sunset or something interesting catches my
 attention I will pull over and definitely try to capture the  moment.

Life is a series of tiny miracles.  Notice them.
To all Veterans,  Happy Veterans Day.

Life is short.  Capture every moment...